vdcrpt 22.04.01

After a long period of inactivity, a new version of vdcrpt is out! This release is a rewrite of the tool. It brings cross-platform support and quality-of-life improvements like presets and auto-naming.

Please see the changelog below for the updates and caveats in this version. Also, check out the updated itch.io page if you haven't already seen it!

(Also, I need more demo images/videos. If you make something cool, send it my way and I'll credit you)

This is a complete rewrite so bugs and regressions are expected. Please report anything you think is useful, and feel free to suggest features.



  • Rewrote program and refreshed UI
  • Renamed parameters
  • Removed upper bound on parameters
  • Added presets
  • Added drag and drop for file input
  • Added “Open Result” button
  • Added option to incrementally name output file
  • Added option to disable random range for Burst Length
  • Fixed output files not playing properly when shared online

Known Issues

  • Custom presets are not fully supported
  • Program is difficult to use with large video files
  • File dialogs open to an inconvenient location on Linux
  • Drag and drop does not work on Linux (upstream: AvaloniaUI/Avalonia#6085)
  • Window icon does not show on Linux (upstream: AvaloniaUI/Avalonia#5329)


vdcrpt-22.04.01-win-x64.zip 52 MB
Apr 09, 2022
vdcrpt-22.04.01-osx-x64.zip 55 MB
Apr 09, 2022
vdcrpt-22.04.01-linux-x64.zip 58 MB
Apr 09, 2022

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