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vdcrpt ("video corrupt") is a program for destroying videos, often in entertaining ways.

Warning: vdcrpt often produces results with loud audio and flashy, colorful visuals. Be mindful of this before downloading it!

vdcrpt takes an input video, converts it to a lenient format, repeats random segments of data, and gives you the result in a (mostly) playable form. All it takes is a single button press to start making your own glitchy disasters.

If you enjoy vdcrpt, you might also enjoy these other projects.  vdcrpt is open-source and also uses a fair bit of open-source tech (notably Python, PySide2, and FFmpeg). For more info see the GitHub repo.


Coming soon, but here's the one that started it all.


Note: After starting the program, a text window should show up. Wait a few minutes for vdcrpt to extract all of its dependencies. The main UI will show up shortly after. Don't close the terminal window, because vdcrpt will close along with it.

Select the video you want to corrupt from the window. vdcrpt works by randomly stuttering chunks of video data, and you can configure the following parameters.

  • Chunk Size: Size of data, in bytes, that gets repeated. This can probably stay the same.
  • Min/Max Repetitions: How many times random chunks of the given size should be repeated.
  • Iterations: How many parts of the video should be stuttered. The higher this is, the more chaotic (but more likely to fail) the result will be. Use more iterations for longer videos.

You should re-render videos before posting them online! Despite vdcrpt's best attempt to repair them, these videos are, after all, corrupted. Different platforms might handle them differently (i.e. Discord will sometimes only show the first frame of video).


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